Thursday, May 15, 2008

Echa and her i-need-life-syndrome

I'm bored. I should be out right now, dunno where to, but I shouldn't be at home, alone. But there's something inside of me keeps on telling me not to be out, something like, i should be with myself...for now. I think i should have been spending more time thinking about what i should do with my life next rather than just letting things go with the flow. I left KK, good choice. But i have to live my life without my family around, not good. I thought I could be happier here because i thought i'd be closer to my boyfriend, wrong. And now that we broke up, i'm losing hope in love, biggest mistake. Damn. I hate this phase. You know when they say life is like a wheel, it has its own ups and downs. I think i'm at its downside now and it just keep going on and on relentlessly. Nothing good has happen in my life this year, so far. It's scary. I just dunno for how long i can stand with all these. I'm just scared i'm gonna snap and change my direction in life again. Well, i'm not surprised if i suddenly decide to pack my bag and just go back to my hometown. The place where real humans still exist.

I think I think too much.