Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Blog: The evolution of MIRC - No?

Sigh. Finally.

I've been wanting to blog since like 1001 years ago. Quoted from my BFF Jon, "Cha, I think I could actually count the number of posts by using my fingers in your blog,". Yea, I know, I'm not quite a blogger and no, I don't belong to any of the bloggers groups which are mushrooming like every where today.

So why do people blog?

So to be able to express themselves? Or maybe to share interests with others?
Or is it just really a replacement to the good old "diary" which every good girl must have?
Or maybe it is just a venue to talk about topics or issues which oneself thinks it is interesting hence worth sharing it with others? I'm just curious. (I hope I won't get banned from the blogging world after this para).

Some good friends of mine came down from KK last weekend. Despite my crazy schedule, I actually managed to spend the whole weekend with them (which I'm glad I did). They are avid bloggers. Period. So most of our conversations were all inter-related to their "blogging community" (need to check if such term exists). From sharing all the names of the bloggers to the updates on the gathering that they just had back home, it's overwhelming. What really strike my fancy was when they told me about this local blogger, a girl, probably 16 or 18 who wrote a topic on "How to be a Eurasian" - summary: she was saying Eurasians are all that (Okay, I have nothing against Eurasians, in fact, my sister is married to an Italian and has a daughter who is technically a Eurasian). But seriously, what had happened to our generation today? Aren't we proud of who we are and where we came from? (Obviously not). Funny. Admiration is harmless. But to praise highly on other races like they are any different from the other human race and uh, oh, to preach others on how to becoming like one? That's TOO much. Unbelievable.

Okay, okay, I guess it's unethical for me to write about other blogger's blog in my blog (phew! notice how many times the word "blog" used in the sentence?). I think we have becoming TOO disconnected in this oh-so connected world. Guess we've been fed with too much knowledge (whether it's good or bad, regardless) and as human as we are, we tend to accept everything without even filtering them with our conscious mind.

I suppose blogging really IS interesting. It's not only serves as a space to share our interests but simultaneously, it also reflects on how the generation today think and what is important to them. Sigh. How sad. How did we get into this mess anyway? Scary. Yea, being in the industry that I'm in now, I probably know the answer to that question. But I guess I've decided to be in denial. At least for now. God bless our generation.

Oh well.

The real deal...
Living in KL, the choices of places to eat are just so amazing. I actually took some pictures of the meals that I had and decided to upload them on this post - although it has nothing to do with the first few para of my ramblings. Enjoy! :)

If you ask me why I blog, well I take it that blog is a replacement to the good old diary - and I am a good girl :)

Paddington House of Pancakes...yummy!


Courtesy of Bubba Gump...OMG! Cannot tahan leh!

Non other than 'em famous meatballs @Ikea...

Bianco...just below my apartment! Noice!

The famous roast duck by Four Seasons @ CapSquare

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Moving on - Easier said than done - No?

Woke up today with a crave of cheesy nachos. Weird, I know. Well it's just so natural of me to think of food the first thing when I wake up from my sleep. It's Saturday. I was woken up by the sound of incoming text msg on my cell. Twas 6am. Yes, 6am! Then I realized it's Saturday. Dangs! I actually didn't go out for party last nite. Weird? Not really. It's just one of those days when I feel like staying at home and shutting the world down around me. So after checking the text msg (from someone that I least expected to text me at that hour), I saw a missed call notification too. Twas my ex. Hmm...the norm. He must be out drinking last nite and had a drunk-dial on me again. It's been like that for the past 2 months or so. It's either him or I to drunk-dial each other every weekend. Okay THAT's weird. We were supposed to be helping each other to move on but that's not quite what we're doing right now. Damn. Oh well. "Let's just go with the flow" the last time we spoke. But when he found out I didn't go home on one weekend, he started to be distant (in my language, he started to be himself again -- annoying). I did ask him if everything's okay but he acted cool -- like he's cool for not knowing my whereabout for one day (see? annoying). Hmmm that's when I realized whether the flow that we are going with is worth going with at all.

Oh well. Maybe I should be moving on. Like really MOVE ON (no more mentioning about him whenever my girlfriends start to talk about their other halves. Pathetic.). I can't be hanging on on something (or someone) that's not quite sure what he wants to do with the relationship or be it me. Sigh. This is too much. It's funny how feelings can play with our mind. At one point I thought my ex was the only man that i would live my life or to die for. Yea I know, I'm such a hopeless lover. I wanted so much to believe that I could see myself in the next 10 years living in a house near the beach with him. But that image, that vision of the future just doesn't feel right everytime I tried to picture them. Omg. Is this really the sign? The sign of me moving on? I'm scared but at the same time I'm proud of myself too. Scared because I finally manage to detach myself from him and that thought of not having him in my life at all is just so dark and cold - if you know what i mean. Proud because, I've finally thought my sense out of it --that i no longer in a relationship with him so why linger. Life and its wonders. You lose some, you win some. I suppose.

Sigh. Life's like that. It's sh*tty, but i have to be strong (got that from a good friend a long time ago and I still take it as a good word of advice).

It's Saturday, what am I doing here.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Echa and her i-need-life-syndrome

I'm bored. I should be out right now, dunno where to, but I shouldn't be at home, alone. But there's something inside of me keeps on telling me not to be out, something like, i should be with myself...for now. I think i should have been spending more time thinking about what i should do with my life next rather than just letting things go with the flow. I left KK, good choice. But i have to live my life without my family around, not good. I thought I could be happier here because i thought i'd be closer to my boyfriend, wrong. And now that we broke up, i'm losing hope in love, biggest mistake. Damn. I hate this phase. You know when they say life is like a wheel, it has its own ups and downs. I think i'm at its downside now and it just keep going on and on relentlessly. Nothing good has happen in my life this year, so far. It's scary. I just dunno for how long i can stand with all these. I'm just scared i'm gonna snap and change my direction in life again. Well, i'm not surprised if i suddenly decide to pack my bag and just go back to my hometown. The place where real humans still exist.

I think I think too much.

Friday, April 25, 2008

KL + Me = Miss KK more

It's Saturday, and I am sleepy. Had a long nite (again!) last nite, well i can't help it, twas Friday! Yea, went to Baroque Club for my colleague's birthday. I thought the place plays good music (although we were the only party crowd in that club), but yea, we had fun. As usual. From Baroque, we hopped to another club, then another club, then another club. Endless Friday nite --just how normal can our Friday nite be.

I can't help it but to realize somehow KL has changed me. From the laid-back lifestyle that i used to have back in KK to somewhat very "on-the-go" kinda lifestyle. Urgh. Yea i know it's a little too late for me to be aware of all these and to only ramble about this since i have been staying here for almost two years now. But KL never stop to amaze me . It's fascinating to see how the people in my age here are very competitive ( i mean like very), energetic, how they always have something brilliant (although some may be crappy...u can't run from it) to say...it's intoxicating. I must say i never fail to meet interesting people on every single weekend and just to find out what they do for living and how they keep up with the lifestyle -- it's crazy. I went to a new club's opening somewhere in the city like 2 weeks ago and met this writer for one of the most popular indie music and happenings mags in KL-- he was at that club to party but at the same time, he was actually doing his job -- just to get the latest scoop on new place to party in town and he was actually rushing to another event after that for another *Lapsap get-together. I went like, wow, where did you get all the energy from dude? Well, that's just one example i could recall, at least the most recent one. It's frantic. I began to realize how my fellow friends in KK are so lucky for not have to think about all these crazy active lifestyle frenzy and never have to worry about the chances of getting high blood pressure in younger age. Unfortunately, people died in the early 30's because of heart attack is not a rare thing in this place. And all we can say here is "oh mahn, that's scary". But yea, the work-like-there's-no-tomorrow attitude remains.

Okay, i admit, i don't like KL. But why do i choose to be here? I dunno. It's the impulsive package that the place is offering i suppose. It makes me feel more like human. The fact that genuine relationship doesn't exist in this place anymore -- it makes me want to be myself more and more. And how the people can be extremely rude on the road, makes me appreciate the drive-like-it's-Sunday style in KK more. The place may have changed a tiny-weeny little bit of me, but i know i still have the kampung side of me. At least, i utilize the left-right signal function fully when i drive. I don't cut queue. I respect the elders. I still can smile to strangers. I wear shorts (or baju rumah and yea, with no make-up on) to mamak. I make friends with the waiters at the coffeeshop that i always go to (they really need that). I make friends with the people from the car wash that i always send my car to (yea, they too, need that). I let others say what they want to say first before i can speak my opinions out. And most importantly, i don't try to be someone else when i meet new people -- if i don't know what they are talking about, i'll just keep quite. Sigh. Not too bad rite.

I miss KK.

Bah, bulih bah kalo ko.


Monday, March 10, 2008


I'm still trying so hard to understand how men can be such ignorant creatures sometimes. I can say i'm quite experienced when it comes to men and the sex department but what i don't understand is why men make love sooo complicated? If you like the person, say so and if you start acting funny every time that girl is around, simple, that means you have feelings for her. Why must let your ego control you? Wouldn't it be nice if you can just stop the chasing or wandering or looking or fooling around and just be with the one which your heart is telling you to be with? I mean, don't you have enough already? I just don't get it. Maybe this is why we've been hearing stories about women who lives in this city have become more and more demanding when it comes to relationship and men and sadly yea, we sleep around until we meet the real men. But the question is when will that ever happen?

I have been observing. I've been to a lot of parties -- I met a lot of men, all type of men from different walks of life. But it's funny how they all act the same, use the same lines in every conversation and they only want one thing -- sex. And sadly, the ladies are slowly developing those kinda mentality too. Whatever happen to conversation with quality? Whatever happen to pride and dignity? Whatever happen to the word love? It's madness. Once upon a time, man would look for his woman, and when he found her he would fall in love with her, they get married, and lived happily ever after. Now the saga sounds typically more like this; men look for women (in clubs...any women), fall so-called in love for one nite, they kiss goodbye the next day...and yea, it's just another weekend. Scary. The sad part is, most of my peers are are falling into this sect. From a taboo, it has become more like a habit now. Love is so cheap today until you can expect to get it from any random ones over the weekends.

I'm just concerned. It's not that i have anything on pre-marital sex, but i'm just worried and i can't stop to wonder what will ever happen to the marriage institution in the future.

What will happen if "family", "mom & dad", "siblings" or even "HOME" are no longer familiar words to the next generation?

Sigh. Unthinkable.

Friday, February 29, 2008

My healthy Friday - Cupcakes and Tribond

Pretty much healthy i can say.

After two freaking hectic weeks at work, my workmates and I decided to celebrate Friday by doing something healthy or at least i thought it was healthy. We went to this shop called Wondermilk Shop and Cafe in Uptown. Well, they had something going on last nite and they were giving away free cute cupcakes too! I guess that's what triggered us to go at the first place. But we got to the place pretty late and they ran out of the free cupcakes. Bummer! So in order to satisfy our long-for-cute-cupcakes-tongues, we bought two boxes of damn those cupcakes. Yay! They're so cute and yea, they're edible. I can't post the pics here since they're still in my cousin's handphone. But here's the link to the
oh-so-popular cupcakes by Wondermilk shop and cafe...


Simply irresistible! ;)

After indulging ourselves with the yummy cupcakes, we decided to hang out at Friendster cafe for late nite dinner (well, actually it's more like a late nite dinner for my colleague and her fiance). I was there for the beers - ah ha! Not so healthy after all! Anyways, the fun began when the Tribond game started! Here's how you play the game:

Here's a Threezer riddle for you: tennis match, sinner, earthquake. What do these three things have in common? All of them have faults! Correctly identifying the common trait among the three clues is truly tricky business! Movements around the board are intricate, as you control three pawns and are traveling on a triangle, so the journey to the final space is more challenging than most. For 2 or more players.


The verdict: My group won! Yay! Although my part was mostly to move the pawns
(or "buah" as i would call it) on the board ;D

Friendster Cafe -- just around the corner.

TriBond! The green "buah" were ours.

Let the game begins...

The first contender: Adry and the fiance

The second contender: My cousin and Ash

The last contender: Myself, Danie and Eu-Jin

Check out whos "buah" was leading...muaahahahaha!

...And so we won! Yay! Eu-Jin answered all the Qs, Danie took all the pics, and i moved the "buah".

Good sh*t.