Thursday, May 15, 2008

Echa and her i-need-life-syndrome

I'm bored. I should be out right now, dunno where to, but I shouldn't be at home, alone. But there's something inside of me keeps on telling me not to be out, something like, i should be with myself...for now. I think i should have been spending more time thinking about what i should do with my life next rather than just letting things go with the flow. I left KK, good choice. But i have to live my life without my family around, not good. I thought I could be happier here because i thought i'd be closer to my boyfriend, wrong. And now that we broke up, i'm losing hope in love, biggest mistake. Damn. I hate this phase. You know when they say life is like a wheel, it has its own ups and downs. I think i'm at its downside now and it just keep going on and on relentlessly. Nothing good has happen in my life this year, so far. It's scary. I just dunno for how long i can stand with all these. I'm just scared i'm gonna snap and change my direction in life again. Well, i'm not surprised if i suddenly decide to pack my bag and just go back to my hometown. The place where real humans still exist.

I think I think too much.


Ami3 S10 said...

O_o.. u need a good spa get-away gurl! Hmmm... Just dont think so much lah gengs.. If 'it' gets too much up to the point yg seekor-seekor then it's okay to come home.. lol


ken leeeeee~~~ tulibudibudauchooo~~~

Marilyn John said...

Mari lah balik KK!

They call me Echa said...


premo said...

Hey there! Don't beat yourself up too much about these things... life is all about trials and tribulations. As long as you keep discovering new things and learning from past experiences you'll be fine.

We've all been in situations where everything seems to just be one hectic blurr and before you know it you're stuck in a rut/got lost in tunnel vision - whatever you wanna call it.

When it comes to making decisions, no one is exempt from doubt and distraction. The best one can do is be as focused as possible on achieving the results of said decision or deal with the repercussions it brings as best as one can.