Friday, February 29, 2008

My healthy Friday - Cupcakes and Tribond

Pretty much healthy i can say.

After two freaking hectic weeks at work, my workmates and I decided to celebrate Friday by doing something healthy or at least i thought it was healthy. We went to this shop called Wondermilk Shop and Cafe in Uptown. Well, they had something going on last nite and they were giving away free cute cupcakes too! I guess that's what triggered us to go at the first place. But we got to the place pretty late and they ran out of the free cupcakes. Bummer! So in order to satisfy our long-for-cute-cupcakes-tongues, we bought two boxes of damn those cupcakes. Yay! They're so cute and yea, they're edible. I can't post the pics here since they're still in my cousin's handphone. But here's the link to the
oh-so-popular cupcakes by Wondermilk shop and cafe...

Simply irresistible! ;)

After indulging ourselves with the yummy cupcakes, we decided to hang out at Friendster cafe for late nite dinner (well, actually it's more like a late nite dinner for my colleague and her fiance). I was there for the beers - ah ha! Not so healthy after all! Anyways, the fun began when the Tribond game started! Here's how you play the game:

Here's a Threezer riddle for you: tennis match, sinner, earthquake. What do these three things have in common? All of them have faults! Correctly identifying the common trait among the three clues is truly tricky business! Movements around the board are intricate, as you control three pawns and are traveling on a triangle, so the journey to the final space is more challenging than most. For 2 or more players.

The verdict: My group won! Yay! Although my part was mostly to move the pawns
(or "buah" as i would call it) on the board ;D

Friendster Cafe -- just around the corner.

TriBond! The green "buah" were ours.

Let the game begins...

The first contender: Adry and the fiance

The second contender: My cousin and Ash

The last contender: Myself, Danie and Eu-Jin

Check out whos "buah" was leading...muaahahahaha!

...And so we won! Yay! Eu-Jin answered all the Qs, Danie took all the pics, and i moved the "buah".

Good sh*t.

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