Monday, March 10, 2008


I'm still trying so hard to understand how men can be such ignorant creatures sometimes. I can say i'm quite experienced when it comes to men and the sex department but what i don't understand is why men make love sooo complicated? If you like the person, say so and if you start acting funny every time that girl is around, simple, that means you have feelings for her. Why must let your ego control you? Wouldn't it be nice if you can just stop the chasing or wandering or looking or fooling around and just be with the one which your heart is telling you to be with? I mean, don't you have enough already? I just don't get it. Maybe this is why we've been hearing stories about women who lives in this city have become more and more demanding when it comes to relationship and men and sadly yea, we sleep around until we meet the real men. But the question is when will that ever happen?

I have been observing. I've been to a lot of parties -- I met a lot of men, all type of men from different walks of life. But it's funny how they all act the same, use the same lines in every conversation and they only want one thing -- sex. And sadly, the ladies are slowly developing those kinda mentality too. Whatever happen to conversation with quality? Whatever happen to pride and dignity? Whatever happen to the word love? It's madness. Once upon a time, man would look for his woman, and when he found her he would fall in love with her, they get married, and lived happily ever after. Now the saga sounds typically more like this; men look for women (in clubs...any women), fall so-called in love for one nite, they kiss goodbye the next day...and yea, it's just another weekend. Scary. The sad part is, most of my peers are are falling into this sect. From a taboo, it has become more like a habit now. Love is so cheap today until you can expect to get it from any random ones over the weekends.

I'm just concerned. It's not that i have anything on pre-marital sex, but i'm just worried and i can't stop to wonder what will ever happen to the marriage institution in the future.

What will happen if "family", "mom & dad", "siblings" or even "HOME" are no longer familiar words to the next generation?

Sigh. Unthinkable.