Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sunday blues

It's Sunday--and so thought I could sleep in more than I had yesterday, but somehow I was woken up by this loud cheers came from outside my apartment. Took a glance from my bedroom window and the cheers came from this primary school just behind the apartment--the kids were having their Sports Day...aaaaawww how cute, I thought. Well I was never really an athletic person (I was active in school but I mainly did sports games and nothing solo), but I was always into this kinda school events--always had something to do for the Sports Day--be it in the marching team, the pom-pom team, or even in the Red Cross on duty--I was always there. So when I saw these kids were cheering for their teams, I felt somewhat like I'm a kid again--a small girl who was carefree--a small girl who jumped and skipped around in the school field worry-free. Sigh. I miss those state of mind.

Yea I am still demotivated at this moment.


Someone please kick my back (no, not in that way)--just wake me up already!

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