Sunday, April 12, 2009

My life is like a circus and I am the juggler

Life around me has been like a busy circus-work's getting unusually demotivating, issues at the home front, house mate is moving out, old flame's asking for another shot but I'm crazy about someone who's thousand miles away although we've only met twice...sigh. I'm overwhelmed. Sometimes I wonder where do I get the strength to carry on from. Perhaps it's true what most people say today-we're getting desperate during this economic downturn. Nothing we do today seems right. Everything will or eventually lead to a disaster-well maybe disaster is a strong word-perhaps conflict is more appropriate. I don't know. I hate confrontation, I don't want to choose, I don't want to decide-I'm just wishing for everything to turn out well (although somehow in the midst of all this drama, that wish is just so beyond reach).

Oh well. Keep me sane already.

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