Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Him---And it'll always be him.

He regretted.

He compares me with his new girlfriend every second---"Clarissa will never do this, Clarissa has never done that, etc."

He has not moved on moved on after all.

He wants me to be happy.

He realized he was treating me wrong the last time.

And most of all, after being with someone else but not me, he realized no one could love him better than I do.

He sighs every second now.

He's definitely not happy.

He has changed.

He's not that jolliest person I've ever known before.

He's just so different now.

He thinks before he utter any word to me.

He thinks before he reacts to the things that I say.

He notices me.

He completes me---or maybe used to.

He's my ex-boyfriend---today.

And I'm overwhelmed.

*He: Someone whom I so thought I was going to say "I do" to. And so I thought.

C: What do you think would happen if we didn't break things up last year?
J: *Clears throat* We'll be married by now.

So what's this with men and their a-little-too-late act?

I am still overwhelmed.

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