Thursday, June 18, 2009

Home not-so-sweet home???

Three more days to go and I'll be back to life again---to the reality to be more precisely. It's not that I'm counting the days before I leave KK, it's just that I really feel I can't stay too long in KK anymore. Sad. I used to love this place so much. But a lot of things have changed around here. The town is getting congested everyday (for no reason. Or I suppose they really need to build more parking spaces around town so it won't be too crowded with cars), the people are getting slower and slower everyday (generally---and it has always been like this as far as I could recall, but it's just getting from bad to worst) and the quality of services around here remain status quo (e.g. I was at one of this famous "suppose to be" five star resort to meet a friend today, and while I was walking to the main lobby, I was being orally harrased by the maintanance people while they were working---that just turned me off like big time!). Talk about lack of work etiquette. Narsh.

So yea, but I can only grunt and complain. It takes a whole lot more than just bitching to fix things around here. But yea, do they care? No.

It's annoying. Sad and annoying. Sigh.

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