Sunday, July 5, 2009

Chicken balls with Evon at the side

Hah. That's not really what I'm going to ramble about now (I'm actually having fried chicken balls at Bistro 69 with my ex-colleague Evon as we speak).

This particular entry is about him. Yea him---the one I thought who got away. It was like three years ago, no hang on, I think it was exactly on Nov 28, in 2005 that I made an entry on my blog about how I've moved on from him. And today, I am doing it again. Yea I'm not proud of myself. Because it shows how I've repeated the same mistake over and over again. And the worse part of it is, I did not learn a thing from what happened in the past. Hence, the repetition. Why didn't I? I dunno. So yea, here I am today. Regret? Yea a little bit. Angry? Hell yea. At myself mostly. I'm angry because I was the third person in the relationship again. And I pity his girlfriend (and his ex-girlfriend back in three years ago). And I believe in Karma---somehow or rather. Oh well.

What's done is done. It can't be mended. Regardless. We had something going on. But that's about it. Ego took place in everything. It's just a relationship that's never meant to be. We always, always, met at the wrong side of the stick. So yea. Leave it be.


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