Wednesday, July 8, 2009

That empty phase

It'll be less than a month before I start my new job. So it's what people would call it as my "honeymoon" phase in the current agency that I'm working with now. With the event that I was suppose to work on being postponed to a later date, I really got nothing to do in the office now. Oh well.

That aside, after all the drama with the relationship-that-was-not-meant-to-be, I'm starting to move on now. Slowly, but surely. And I'm very sure that he's doing fine too. Well at least, that's what it shows on his Fb profile. "There was a third party involved in your previous relationship. But don't worry, it's all over now. Really over," according to the tarrot card reader few days ago when she read about my love life.

And I believe her.

Oh well. Life goes on.

Okay I really need to start exercising soon before I turn into a couchy potato.

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