Friday, April 25, 2008

KL + Me = Miss KK more

It's Saturday, and I am sleepy. Had a long nite (again!) last nite, well i can't help it, twas Friday! Yea, went to Baroque Club for my colleague's birthday. I thought the place plays good music (although we were the only party crowd in that club), but yea, we had fun. As usual. From Baroque, we hopped to another club, then another club, then another club. Endless Friday nite --just how normal can our Friday nite be.

I can't help it but to realize somehow KL has changed me. From the laid-back lifestyle that i used to have back in KK to somewhat very "on-the-go" kinda lifestyle. Urgh. Yea i know it's a little too late for me to be aware of all these and to only ramble about this since i have been staying here for almost two years now. But KL never stop to amaze me . It's fascinating to see how the people in my age here are very competitive ( i mean like very), energetic, how they always have something brilliant (although some may be crappy...u can't run from it) to's intoxicating. I must say i never fail to meet interesting people on every single weekend and just to find out what they do for living and how they keep up with the lifestyle -- it's crazy. I went to a new club's opening somewhere in the city like 2 weeks ago and met this writer for one of the most popular indie music and happenings mags in KL-- he was at that club to party but at the same time, he was actually doing his job -- just to get the latest scoop on new place to party in town and he was actually rushing to another event after that for another *Lapsap get-together. I went like, wow, where did you get all the energy from dude? Well, that's just one example i could recall, at least the most recent one. It's frantic. I began to realize how my fellow friends in KK are so lucky for not have to think about all these crazy active lifestyle frenzy and never have to worry about the chances of getting high blood pressure in younger age. Unfortunately, people died in the early 30's because of heart attack is not a rare thing in this place. And all we can say here is "oh mahn, that's scary". But yea, the work-like-there's-no-tomorrow attitude remains.

Okay, i admit, i don't like KL. But why do i choose to be here? I dunno. It's the impulsive package that the place is offering i suppose. It makes me feel more like human. The fact that genuine relationship doesn't exist in this place anymore -- it makes me want to be myself more and more. And how the people can be extremely rude on the road, makes me appreciate the drive-like-it's-Sunday style in KK more. The place may have changed a tiny-weeny little bit of me, but i know i still have the kampung side of me. At least, i utilize the left-right signal function fully when i drive. I don't cut queue. I respect the elders. I still can smile to strangers. I wear shorts (or baju rumah and yea, with no make-up on) to mamak. I make friends with the waiters at the coffeeshop that i always go to (they really need that). I make friends with the people from the car wash that i always send my car to (yea, they too, need that). I let others say what they want to say first before i can speak my opinions out. And most importantly, i don't try to be someone else when i meet new people -- if i don't know what they are talking about, i'll just keep quite. Sigh. Not too bad rite.

I miss KK.

Bah, bulih bah kalo ko.


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