Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Blog: The evolution of MIRC - No?

Sigh. Finally.

I've been wanting to blog since like 1001 years ago. Quoted from my BFF Jon, "Cha, I think I could actually count the number of posts by using my fingers in your blog,". Yea, I know, I'm not quite a blogger and no, I don't belong to any of the bloggers groups which are mushrooming like every where today.

So why do people blog?

So to be able to express themselves? Or maybe to share interests with others?
Or is it just really a replacement to the good old "diary" which every good girl must have?
Or maybe it is just a venue to talk about topics or issues which oneself thinks it is interesting hence worth sharing it with others? I'm just curious. (I hope I won't get banned from the blogging world after this para).

Some good friends of mine came down from KK last weekend. Despite my crazy schedule, I actually managed to spend the whole weekend with them (which I'm glad I did). They are avid bloggers. Period. So most of our conversations were all inter-related to their "blogging community" (need to check if such term exists). From sharing all the names of the bloggers to the updates on the gathering that they just had back home, it's overwhelming. What really strike my fancy was when they told me about this local blogger, a girl, probably 16 or 18 who wrote a topic on "How to be a Eurasian" - summary: she was saying Eurasians are all that (Okay, I have nothing against Eurasians, in fact, my sister is married to an Italian and has a daughter who is technically a Eurasian). But seriously, what had happened to our generation today? Aren't we proud of who we are and where we came from? (Obviously not). Funny. Admiration is harmless. But to praise highly on other races like they are any different from the other human race and uh, oh, to preach others on how to becoming like one? That's TOO much. Unbelievable.

Okay, okay, I guess it's unethical for me to write about other blogger's blog in my blog (phew! notice how many times the word "blog" used in the sentence?). I think we have becoming TOO disconnected in this oh-so connected world. Guess we've been fed with too much knowledge (whether it's good or bad, regardless) and as human as we are, we tend to accept everything without even filtering them with our conscious mind.

I suppose blogging really IS interesting. It's not only serves as a space to share our interests but simultaneously, it also reflects on how the generation today think and what is important to them. Sigh. How sad. How did we get into this mess anyway? Scary. Yea, being in the industry that I'm in now, I probably know the answer to that question. But I guess I've decided to be in denial. At least for now. God bless our generation.

Oh well.

The real deal...
Living in KL, the choices of places to eat are just so amazing. I actually took some pictures of the meals that I had and decided to upload them on this post - although it has nothing to do with the first few para of my ramblings. Enjoy! :)

If you ask me why I blog, well I take it that blog is a replacement to the good old diary - and I am a good girl :)

Paddington House of Pancakes...yummy!


Courtesy of Bubba Gump...OMG! Cannot tahan leh!

Non other than 'em famous meatballs @Ikea...

Bianco...just below my apartment! Noice!

The famous roast duck by Four Seasons @ CapSquare


Ki//joy said...

I now know how to spell conscious (for some reason i spell it conscience)

And I actually agree with ur points regarding the article thingy. I never commented on it because when I comment on other people's blog some of them actually choose not to show it because it does not "agree" with them.

And it is sad that we choose to "talk" through our blog.

misslamau said...

aihhh...tiba2 pasal makanan (look totally irresistible)

They call me Echa said...

Killjoy - Ditto.

misslamau - Yepp, me love 'em food ;)

Kadus_Mama said...

aik???? How come i din know you have blog??

They call me Echa said...

kadus_mama: Sya low profile gia tu ;)

Jacquelyn said...

I am still counting using my fingers in 1 hand only. LoL. 1-2-3-4....

NanC said...

ui sadap!!! hehehehe
eh lupa ..boleh berkenalan??? hehhehee