Tuesday, March 3, 2009


After so many years, I have finally decided to surrender myself to God again. Saying this, it did not mean that I was not a believer before. I do have faith-it’s only that I had never really connect myself to God-and to the others who praised Him. Because I could not forgive myself for being sinful, I was holding back for many years to profess my faith. Mom was doing the right thing when she dragged me to the penitential service back home last Christmas. It was then I realized how forgiving He is. And so I felt welcomed to His house again. As a result to this, I know that the relationship between Him and I does not only take place on Christmas. So this year, I resolute or at least try to pursue what the other disciples usually do-being sincere to Him, regardless. Hence, I am now committing to the meaning of Lent. Lent is the time for abstinence and repentance. For most, fasting is one way to show abstinence. Now I know I have just reclaimed my faith in Him, however, I do believe that Lent is more than just being humble and modest. Lent is the time for one to pause-to relax. Today, temptations to power, lust and money are happening everywhere. It is, undoubtedly, a human nature to have desires but somehow most desires are devilish which will or most of the time leads to disastrous endings. I must admit that human everywhere is corrupted. And by copycatting one another will not result to any good to anyone. That is why the need to pause is necessary. And to me, Lent is the best time to relook at the ways we have lead our lives-to reanalyze, to cut down any excessive doings and spending and of course, to overcome temptations. And it is also somehow or rather a good time to have a check on our daily diet (it’s time to chuck that at-least-twice-a-week-(or more)-visits-to-uncle-Ronald’s-outlet habit). Most importantly, Lent conveys hope-the hope to be a better person.

And yes, that’s how I look at Lent.

“How do we know whether we can defy temptations? We need to be. We need to go to the places where our faith is always challenged. See if we can conquer our desires. If we disregard them, now that’s when we know we have passed the trials.” - excerpted (not in verbatim) from the sermon during the last Holy mass in St. Ignatius Church.


Ki//joy said...

I was kind of wondering when you were going to blog gain.

They call me Echa said...

Well, here I am. Blogging again ;)